Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pub and Kitchen


I don't know what all the hype is about. The place is a little cute and our drinks were a little good, but something is missing here. The bartender was some bro dude who didn't seem very interested in serving us, and when /// asked for a greyhound, he said "what?", and /// had to explain that it was simply grapefruit and vodka. We laughed amongst ourselves about the fact that this classic cocktail was missing from his repertoire. We did order two bar snacks, marinated olives and whitefish 'mop rolls', which was like a little open face whitefish salad sandwich. Both of these were tasty and at $3 each priced right. We were really looking for a place where we could park at the bar all night and this simply wasn't it. (One thing we did love? The logo - super cute!)


  1. Christina says 1) you suck and 2) You shouldn't fail them if the food tasted good and 3) She went there and liked it.

    I guess I need to go there now and make my own decision.

  2. we should clarify, the FAIL was for the whole experience, including the music of Kings of Leon playing.